Chanca Piedra 1 fl oz. (30ml)

What is Chanca Piedra? Phyllanthus niruri is a tropical plant known as both Chanca Piedra and Stone Breaker and has long been used to promote urinary, digestive tract, and liver healthᶧ. Turned into a powerful liquid supplement, Nutramedix’s Chanca Piedra may support kidney and gallbladder healthᶧ.

Also known as stone breaker, gale of the wind or seed-under-leaf, this natural health supplement has many benefits as microbial and antioxidant supportᶧ. Chanca Piedra benefits are numerous as a digestive and gut health supplement, and liquid Chanca Piedra is, therefore, a very popular stonebreaker supplementᶧ.

Instead of the regular chanca piedra capsules, Nutramedix developed a liquid supplement form, easy to add to your diet, and for your body to absorb. Buy your Chanca Piedra liquid supplement online, directly from Nutramedix.

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