The Cowden Protocol


In collaboration with Lee Cowden MD, MD(H), NutraMedix has enhanced the Cowden+ Support Program to address the evolving health challenges of today. With the targets of the

original program in mind, the enhanced Cowden+ Support Program offers increased potency, greater affordability, and a streamlined dosing schedule. In addition to adding scientifi cally

substantiated herbs and enzymes to address prior gaps, the Cowden+ Support Program incorporates comprehensive and synergistic herbal blends that provide targeted microbial

support. The combination of meticulously sourced ingredients and wild-harvested Peruvian herbs serve an essential purpose in the program’s design and enhance outcomes when taken

according to the set schedule. Packaged into individual monthly sets, this 6-month program is intended to be taken sequentially, starting with Month 1.

Cowden+ Support Program



The Cowden+ Support Program (CSP) has been redesigned to enhance effectiveness and address evolving environmental factors. It is a protocol that utilizes 10 different NutraMedix products taken rotationally according to a set schedule. All products serve an essential purpose and are pre-packaged into individual monthly sets. Those starting the program should begin with Month 1 and follow the program in numerical order.

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Cowden Support Program Month-1 Package

The Cowden protocol starts with a mix of microbial and detox support supplements to help support immune system health, joint health, muscle and energy production as well as provide detox supportᶧ.

By starting strong with the best microbial and detox supplements, support your body’s immune responseᶧ and get a headstart towards a healthier lifestyle.

Each of the health supplements included in the first month were carefully selected to provide you with the best start. By combining and balancing each supplement’s health benefits with the Cowden Protocol, you get the most out of your health supplements.

The first month of the Cowden protocol includes the following supplements:

Burbur-Pinella - Drops

Bromelain - Capsules

Dandelion - Drops

Nutra-BRL - Drops

Takuna - Drops

Serrapeptase - Capsules

Magnesium 2- Capsules

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Dr. Lee Cowden's Support Program

The Cowden Support Program (CSP) is a strategically designed monthly protocol featuring 10 premium NutraMedix products. Each Month of the protocol features a new lineup of NutraMedix Products.

Dr. Cowden recommends following this program until feeling well, then continuing the program for at least two more months. 

“In 2003, I began developing this program to help my clients achieve wellness who were experiencing various health challenges. There have been many improvements to the program throughout the years.”

Wm. Lee Cowden, MD, MD (H)

Dr. Cowden Headshot

Download the updated/redesigned Cowden protocol booklet below:

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