Antarctic Krill Oil

If you could improve your overall health with just one softgel—sustainably—would anything stop you? We didn’t think so. Go forth with a clear conscience and take responsibility for your health and your environmental footprint with our Antarctic Krill Oil.

Arm yourself with the market’s best health supplement for fighting off free radicals with NutraMedix Superba Boost Antarctic Krill Oil. From catch to bottle, our Antarctic Krill Oil capsules are unlike any other krill oil on the market today.

Our certified sustainable Antarctic Krill Oil capsules are 100% traceable, and delivers a powerful blend of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA), phospholipids, choline, and astaxanthin.

NutraMedix Krill Oil is easily absorbed, and when used as a daily health supplement, supports brain, heart, joint, and memory healthᶧ.

The current lot of NutraMedix Antarctic Krill Oil was harvested from 63°16 S 59°24 W.

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ANG 62.50

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